Monday 27 November 2017

Goodies Bag

Hi friends, 
here again Apexa Singh on craftsneed platform with a new project which will help you to create some art of representing your goodies...

to create this goodies bag you need following material :

Die cut circular pattern paper
12 x 12  black cardstock
washi tape
 Other decoratives like some embellishments, sentiments, die cuts, mulberry flowers,etc..
Tacky glue create this goodies bag i have used a wonderful die cut pattern paper from
the paper itself is very stiff so u can make the bag directly from the paper. but i have used a black cardstock to give a thin border to the pattern paper for nice appearance..
2.score the pattern paper from the center as shown in the picture and fold it 
3/.paste the black cardstock in three parts

4. put a decorative washi tape on the joints to cover it and for the finished look

5.Cut two stripes measures pf 12 inches x 2 inches and score 0.5 inches from both the sides and fold it

6. stick those strips in a triangular foam as shown, paste the base also and the 2nd half layer

7.after sticking the stripes ur goodies bag will look like this

8,have cut a border and paste it to the base of the bag and cover this border joints again i have used the washi tape

9..  collect ur decoratives like mulberry flowers, die cuts, pollen to decorate the bag
10.I also created a rosette to combine these decoratives and to give some more dimensions to my project...

11.assemble these decoratives on the rosette and paste it on one of the corner of this bag..
12. I also created a small wish tag and put on the bag...

hope the tutorial will be useful to you all and  also inspired to make something on this coming festivals

putting few more glimpses of my final project to understand some more details. If u love this project leave ur love with some comments below.... thank you

Supplies used:

Spring Market Diecut -12" diameter

Black cardstock
Mulberry flowers

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