Thursday 15 February 2018

a quick candlight

Why to make every project complicated if you have such wonderful papers in the market... we always run short of time during the festivals...presenting a very quick project which u can make in just half an hour to give life to your festive decor....

Here is  a second small project from the parchment pattern paper from and its a Candlelight holder

Hows that friends? Hope you like it and would definitely love to know how to make here is the procedure

For this project again u need -
1. Dark Green Cardstock
2.Pattern parchment paper from
3. Few mulberry flowers, antique gold half pearls, Few die cuts

Step To follow

1. Cut the required height from the parchment pattern paper and stick die cut borders on one edge

2. Make a cylinder from this opaque sheet and stick the edges.
3. Stick golden pearls on the die cut base in a circular way.
4. Decorate this base with mulberry flowers and other die cuts.
5. Place the prepared cylinder on this decorated base and your stand for candlelight
is ready....☺☺☺

If you liked my project, do leave some love below and Happy Holidays


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a quick candlight