Thursday 9 November 2017

Crafty friends! Very good morning! 
Last month blog challenge was real fun. Since it was celebration month and also our first year anniversary celebration, all the participants showered with beautiful, shiny, sparkling cards.
Its big event for us , so the gifts also big :) lol
Thanks for all participants and support from our lovely customers. Now its time to reveal the results, without any further delay let go for the final results. 

winner  Anila dk


Second winner - Sahiba Khan

Image may contain: flower

Third winner - Craft unleashed




1. Anila Dk                                   
2. sahibha Khan
3. Craft unleashed
You will receive INR 500 worth goodies from

Runner up 1 - Radhika


Runner up 2 - Prasanna Agnihotri


Congratulations to the runner up

1. Radhika
2. Prasanna Agnihotri

You will receive INR 250 worth goodies from


  1. Thank you so much Craftsneed Team...Congratulations to All giveaway winners and blog challenge winners


  2. Wow...thank u so much n congratulations to all the co-Winners n runners up.

  3. Surprising...This is the first ever gift i won...Thank you very much dear craftsneed Team.. Congratulations all winners and runners...This made my day..


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