Wednesday 15 November 2017

Altered photo frame with twist

Hello everyone 
Today,s tutorial is of altered photo rame
 with twist become I had done mix media over the photo frame but wanted to use it as photo frame so, had done with strings at the end.
Below is what the base photo frame which I tried doing crackle finish on it but couldn't do much more art work so though of using it for mix media from supplies from craftsneed.....

I covered the entire piece with strips of newspapers. And let it air dry.

Once done had used gesso to coat all over don't mind the creases it will be hidden at the end or will give a good texture to the finished article . I had to use 4 applications as my gesso is little thinner in consistency but if u r using heavy gesso you may need only 1 or 2 coats depending on the layered application.
I later dried my gesso surface with the ranger heat gun. The circle chipboards from craftsneed was used it was broken according to match the size and design shown below  and was  stuck with craft glue.

The Thai clay was used for fonts. For letter '0' I used a heart shaped flower mold to make it look more attractive. On few areas I used craftsneed heart stencil and modelling paste from liquidtex. Dried again with my heat gun.
When the clay was semi dried I took it out if the molding and stuck it over the surface as shown.

Here I used few elemets
 From scrap like beads,laces etc.

Made another bird mold and honemade spray inks in blue and seagreen colour to test of that works well on mix media projects...well was happy with end results. I made it mixing acrylic paint + water. One may use any other branded spray if they already have it in their stash.

To cover up the sides I used sane Thai clay and made rope half way around with tassels hanging at the end. Below is how I rolled it long cut thin long slicing at one end and roll it from one end. 

Once all the elements were stuck and intact (need to say I used a swril mdf cutout from craftsneed) I again painted with gesso to give a full white coverage...grooves were little difficult to reach but not so impossible. I air dried over night fully. At this phase I was so excited to experiment with my spray colours couldn't wait to click a pic of the white washed photo frame.
Then I sprayed all in alternate stripes.

Once satisfied with the colour this was looking great but not to my satisfactory  level. I felt colour was too loud so I had a dry coating of gesso on the elements to make them standout of the background. And this is how it looks below 

I did two dry coats drying each very well. Vola all done and here is the twist. Pictures can be stuck on the treads with U tag pins used for paper tagging.
I think this looks pleasing... yes but at 
atlast don't forgot to leave your comments... 
See you all soon with another project.
Thank you so much. Bye.

Supplies used : 

Craftsneed circled chipboards

Picture of Photo Frame Medium Metalic Blue-16.5 x 21.5
Picture of Spiral Swirls  

Craftneeds mdf swrils

Acrylic spray paints

Scrap elements like beads,laces,cabochons,

little heart Stencil from Expressions stamps

Thai clay

Ranger hear gun
Photo frame

Fiber thread

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