Tuesday 10 January 2017

Tag Box

Hello again Riddhi here,
Today is my first post of 2017 for Craftsneed.
This post will show how I made a circular box full of tags which can hold pics or messages. I have used Nakshatra Designs paper. U can buy them from HERE


Firstly cut two round shapes from card stock and pattern papers. Also, cut a long strip, as long as the circumference of the circle.

Stick them vertically to the strip, forming the box. And keep the opening, un-sticked. Then start making inside stuff, I made few tags for it. But there are endless possibilities like mini-album, photos, etc..

For closure, I have used a ribbon to close the box. (Forgot to click the pic). Just have a punch, set the eyelet and insert the ribbon

And lastly the decoration part. I haven't made it much loaded with decorations, tried to keep it simple.
Few more clicks:

Hope you like my work. All material is available at the store. http://www.craftsneed.com/

Riddhi Shah


a quick candlight