Friday 13 January 2017

Quilled Frame Key holder

Hello Friends,Happy New year,

Today I am on Craftsneed blog with a Quilled key holder frame,I have been doing Quilling for last 5 years and have tried many brands and varieties of strips.You will find it funny but sometimes i have cut my own strips.

So this time i shopped from  and believe me the strips are of premium quality with such great range of colors. The store keeps variety of sizes like 2,3,5,7 and 10mm in single color,family pack and also multi color packs. The tools are super cool with best quality.Honestly after receiving the parcel I just wanted to go on and on with quilling...

Here's the frame I made,This frame is done with 3mm strips

Yes,A mandala quilled frame...I started with the center making it a big circle strips of various colors joined to each other and then attached it to base sheet.The tear drops and tight coils have been done separately and attached keeping the geometry and symmetry in proportion.Lastly I embellished with few small kundan beads.I have used clear glue to fix it right from starting till end.

All these items are available at site.U can shop HERE

So don't waste time and start with a new hobby.Teach your kids,kids just love quilling...or make these key holders for gifting,they definitely make a perfect gift for all occasions. Attaching few more close ups for reference.

Hope u enjoyed.

Happy crafting.



  1. Hey wow very nice post Anushree!!!
    Giving good concentration on all kinds CraftsNeed store stuffs and this is the example for that. Thank u keep continuing.

    1. Thnk u soo much Craftsneed...i really admire the huge collection of various art forms at the site

  2. Beautiful work Anu! Perfect shapes and neat design :)

  3. Very nice design and useful too...

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