Saturday 21 October 2017

Key holder

 Thank you Bhavani for sending in such nice pack for the season.....

It's that time of the year when we all redecorate our houses and so did I do with these beauties...
I have to tell you all about this paper pack. This pack not only for Diwali celebration but suits for all occasions. Here is proof for this.

First made a key holder with pocket

 Next I applied a coat of black paint on the Mdf key holder
 Later cut  d paper as per the size of the Key holder
 Applied decoupage glue and stuck the paper on top
 Left it to dry for some time
 Again applied a coat of decoupage glue over the paper
 it to dry again for 30 minutes
 Applied d metallic colors on the corners to give d rustic antique look
 Lastly sealed it with varnish.

Loved d final out put of this.... It's perfect to redecorate .and this lovely piece is now a piece of art on the walls of my house.

Materials  used in this are
1 Mdf key holder
2 Papericious Diwali pack
3 Mod podge
4.Acrylic paints 
5.Black metallic

Thank you so much again Bhavani... You are a generous and sweet person.

Happy crafting


  1. Beautifully done..Loved the paper used!!!

  2. Một sự sáng tạo tuyệt vời, chiếc túi rất đẹp! Sẽ càng tuyệt hơn nếu có thêm một chiếc móc khóa nhỏ nhắn!


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