Monday 16 October 2017

Hello friends
I'm very happy to be part of craftsneed DT Team , I Have show caused  how to create Diwali Lantern using Papericious Diwali Paper 

Material used
Black chipboard
Papericious   diwali paper pack
Parchment paper
Glue. scissors. decorative knob to hold the lantern

Step by step instructions:
 cut a square of 8” x 8” from black chipboard
Score at 1.5” and 6.5” both the sides to create base platform
Give a shape as shown all four sides
Stick corners
Stick pattern papers from papericious diwali pack
cut a rectangular piece of chipboard measures  14.5” x 6 “
Score at  3.5”, 7”, 10.5” and 14
Cut windows from all 4 sides keeping margins for 3/4” all four sides
Cut parchment papers for the windows and stick it to the window from the back side
Also stick pattern papers outside

To make Top shade
Cut a rectangular shape of 4.5” x  2.5”

 And cut corners as shown
Make 4 pieces of the same measures
Stick all together, Stick pattern paper
Stick pattern papers same way
To cover this shade make a small square of 3” x3”
Score at .5” and 2.5” and fold it
Put a holding knob to the top
Fussy cut little ones print from the paper pack.
Also fussy cut lanterns to hang it on the shade for extra decoration

Assemble all parts and enjoy making this final output of this beautiful lantern…. U can put any small lights  or small led to lighten it up…. Happy Diwali to all my viewers…


a quick candlight