Friday 26 May 2017

Quilling Tutorial

Hello everyone,

Today we are on the blog with something different that our usual. We tried our hands on quilling and it was easy using the kits available on the site.

We've made this card and we'll take you through the basic shaping used for this one.

We used the Advanced Quilling Kit from the store and it looks like this.

From the kit, we will be using these tools. 

Cut one of the strips into a half.

Insert one end of the strip into the holding tool, and keep your thumb as a support to hold the point. With the dominant hand rotate the tool towards yourself. With this, the strip starts coiling on the head of the tool.  

Place the coil on the board, depending on the size you want.

Pick it out and add glue to one end, and lightly press the coil to form a tear drop shape. 


We made these of different sizes and colours. Size can be increased by using the full strip and placing it in a bigger circle on the board. 


Next, we used the crimping tool. Run a strip of paper in the tool to achieve the crimped look. We used one such strip for the border of the dress. Then use another strip in a similar way and coil it. While sticking the ends, pinch both ends to form a diamond. 




For the hat, join two strips of paper and coil in the same manner. After setting it, stick one end and pinch it inwards on that side. 



All these can then be arranged on your surface and decorated with stones. We used these to make the clothes of our Prima Doll Stamped Image. We completed the card with some layering and flowers. 

Hope you're inspired to try this craft form!

Sunila & Aditi


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