Thursday 23 February 2017

Our favourite DIES

Good Day all,Anushree here

Today I am on Craftsneed blog with small information on Dies.This whole topic is too long to cover in one post,so today I will focus on some portions and surely will cover rest soon in next post.In this post,I will talk about what are Dies,what is their use and how to use them and many more similar queries. Before that let me show you a card which I have made majorly by using Dies.

Now lets start with little flashback.Paper cutting always fascinated me from very childhood,I loved using scissors to cut various designs.When I started crafting professionally, I also tried my hands on various kinds of knives,few of which I still use occasionally. Then one day I saw this beautiful card with lovely intricate design...I was stunned.I just wanted to know how it was done.On asking I got to know its done with Dies...and that was just beginning,I am still hoarding them.

Dies are honestly one of most beautiful tool a crafter has.Yes it does involve some investment wherein we need Die cutting machine either manual or mechanical.A manual die cutting machine will also require Dies as their fuel.

For this post I will stick to manual machine and its working.I have a beautiful powder blue and teal color Sizzix Big shot machine ,This has cutting pads which actually helps in getting die cut.

So we place our dies and paper/felt/fabric/thin chipboard/acetate/craft foam/sticky back canvas/denim/sandpaper in between these pads and pass through the machine to get beautiful Die cuts.

Mostly dies are made of metal where companies use steel in manufacturing these dies.Other manual Die cutting machines are from brands like Cuttlebug,Vagabond and Wizard.Most of the dies works with all of these machines.So major job of a die is to cut shapes but there are also few dies which serve more purposes like embossing and stenciling.The die packaging will mention if they can serve multi purpose .

The price of these dies depends on various parameters like size, quality and yes foremost brand value. I have dies with starting range of rs 150 to rs 2200.I am not sure if there are more expensive dies than this but if customization is there, for price of dies, sky is the limit. Attaching few pics of metal dies.

pics of Die cuts

For storage, mostly people worldwide uses magnetic sheets (craftsneed also have these magnetic sheets) to store them with ease.

Craftsneed store has wide variety of Craft dies ,you can click on this link to actually witness whole collection of super quality dies .
The store has some major brands like Tattered lace, Spellbinders, Sizzix, Cheerylynn, Joy craft ,Penny black and many more.

So its time to explore this beautiful form of crafts. Hop on to the site and choose your favourite soon.
There are still many portions related to this topic which I will cover in my next post. Hope you enjoyed this one.

Happy Crafting!!


  1. hi anu very informative post! good job!

    1. Thank u so much for appreciating..ur words means a lot!!

  2. Lovely post and good detailing Anushree 😊

    1. Thank u !!Will surely continue this post to cover more portions


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