Saturday 26 November 2016

Thai clay flower - Adenium Bonsai

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Today I am going to show you some exciting project done with Thai clay. Thai clay - the name itself says that the clay is imported from Thailand. We stock the best quality Thai clay . The below project is done using this clay. ok... lets move on to the project. I have done Adenium Bonasi. This flower is otherwise known as Desert rose, Impala lily.

I want to show you the materials used in this project :

                                              Thai clay - white


Green clay





These are high quality stainless steel tools, which is necessary for a clay crafter or sugar crafter (especially for making flowers). for this project I have used medium size ball tool -to shape the petals
, frilling tool - to frill or curl the petals to give a natural look and scissors - to cut the bottom edges while attaching the flowers to pollens


I have used 24, 26 and 28 gauge wire for this project. (CraftsNeed have from 16 gauge to 30 gauge wire available.)


Winsor and Newton colours are high quality oil colours, blends beautifully with Thai clay. when shading it dries fast than other brand oil colours and the finish that these colours gives is unbeatable.

Wooden display pots

These wooden pots are imported from Bangkok especially for Bonsai arrangements and are not locally made.

Dry green moss

these are basic things what I have used.
Now I will show you some flowers, buds, leaves that I have done with these materials.

few close-up shots of leaves and buds

more leaves, flowers and half bloom flowers

Now the full arrangement of the bonsai

Another view of the full arrangement

                                                            Bulb view of the bonsai

Check out the close-up shot of the bulb, roots...

Hope you all enjoy this project. If u like this project please leave some love on the comments column.
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